lundi 14 octobre 2013

PIQ's macarons coin purses are cute enough to eat!

As a certifiable macaron FANATIC, I am ashamed that I've lived this long without one of these in my life! Nordstrom's French Fling pop-in shop brought these to my attention. They are little coin purses that are even scented to match their "flavour"!! Too cute! 

They're already sold out from Nordstrom, but you can still snag one up directly from PIQ for $16. Which colour will YOU be getting?

jeudi 1 août 2013

July Favourites

Just a quick overview of the things I have been loving throughout July: 
  1. Bioderma Sebium H20 - Bioderma!!! I found this beaut while in Montreal, so this one is getting thrown in just because I am so excited to have it.
  2. Le Petit Marseillais Creme Mains Nourrisante - My go to hand cream no matter what time of year, but I noticed that I've been applying it more frequently lately. Potentially because of my line of work and having to wash my hands all the time? 
  3. Origins Clear Improvement - My face has been sporadically breaking out, which has of course, been a source of much frustration. While this isn't completely solving the issue, it is at least helping. 
  4. Origins Fill in the Blanks - THE best eyebrow pencil, in my opinion. Because of the heat, I've foregone a full face of makeup and have instead just been focusing on mascara and filling in my brows. Lazy, I know, but I hate sweating in general and I absolutely hate sweaty, melty makeup. 
  5. YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking Mascara - My mascara of choice at this time. 
  6. Lumene Time Freeze Firming Day Cream with SPF 15 - I got the tiny version of this just to try out back in the Spring. My roommate saw it in my cabinet and went out and got the big jar for me for my birthday.
  7. My iPad! - I kind of fell out with my iPad for a while but I've recently fallen head over heels in love with it again. It's now back in my bag, at my side at all times. I've subscribed to several magazine subscriptions and am reading a couple of books on it. It's just so much more pleasant to browse the internet and read when I'm out and about. 
That's it for July! What were your favourites this past month? Let me know in the comments and/or link your blog so I can see too. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

vendredi 26 juillet 2013

Another Weekend in Montréal

I've quickly gotten into the habit of taking a few days off every month or other month, certainly not a bad thing! I went up to Montréal again this past weekend. I left very early Sunday morning and came back late Tuesday night. Here's what I got into while there. 

Sushi at Bistro Isakaya to celebrate my Mum's birthday!

Festival Juste Pour Rire | Bouffons Montréal food truck festival | Ritual pilgramage to Bilboquet

Fou d'Ici | Bikini shopping at La Baie | Another ritual stop at Pizzédélic

La Maison du Macaron | Stade Olympique | Cooling off with a cider

Mosaicultures Internationales de Montréal | Le Marche Bonsecours 

Quick and packed with awesome sites, great food, even better coffee. I'm going back in September but for two long weeks! That should be pleasant. Where have you been to lately? Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for my day-to-day adventures in real life. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

jeudi 11 juillet 2013

Soft Spot for Essie

I popped into CVS this evening after work and saw this fantastic array of shades that I just couldn't help snapping a picture of. If I wasn't so madly in love with Shellac, I probably would have purchased all of them. 

From left to right: Go Ginza, Boxer Shorts, Where's My Chauffeur?, Mojito Madness, Topless & Barefoot, and Lapiz of Luxury

On the subject of Shellac manicures, it's time for me to get mine redone! I'm going in the morning so in the meantime, what have YOU been wearing on your nails lately?

lundi 24 juin 2013

Out and About in New York City!

I went down to New York to visit my friend, Sara, over the weekend and much like my trip to Montréal in April, it was filled with shopping, ALL of the coffee, eating (gluten-free!) and drinking, and lots of walking. It was great to spend time with her after not having seen her in person for a year and lots of fun being in the Big City. If you follow me on Instagram, then you got a glimpse of our shenanigans in real time. Here you can get the whole rundown.

After picking me up at the bus drop off (I traveled with Megabus), Sara and I made our way over to the Chelsea area. On our way, we passed this wine store with the amusing sign in the window. I definitely recommend popping in to this shop for any and all of your (French) wine needs (but seriously, what other wine needs would you have anyway?). The owner was in and wonderfully nice as well incredibly knowledgeable. Added incentive: they do wine tastings all day every day. The two wines that day were a Rosé and a Pinot Noir. Continuing on our way, we stumbled upon La Maison du Macaron where we naturally had to pop in. We managed to keep our cool and limited ourselves to only one macaron each. I got the Orange Blossom flavour and am happy to report that it was divine. Now onto the baby sparrow story.

Baffled, while holding a baby sparrow | Bareburger | Having a Trop Pop after a spot of shopping 

Yes, that is a live baby sparrow in my hand. Why? Well, Sara and I were walking down 8th Avenue and we passed this poor baby on the sidewalk. Before having even a second to think of what to do, a man walked up to it, picked him up and just dropped him into my hands. We probably stood there for at least five minutes completely baffled. Thankfully, New York loves its animals and a quick Google search showed plenty of animal hospitals around, one of which was conveniently just a few blocks away. He was totally cool with the walk over - bobbing his head with each step and either pretending to fly or just drying his wings. The animal hospital was SO nice. They immediately took him from me to check on him but had us wait to know how he was. It turns out that he was dehydrated and he had a minor infection on his back, probably from the fall out of his nest. One of the nurses there fosters birds and offered to take him home and nurse him back to health until he's ready to be released. They gave me the option to do that myself if I wanted, but how on Earth would I have gotten him back to Boston? I'm ecstatic that I was able to help a tiny little life.

Still trying to get over that after dousing our hands with hand sanitizer, we headed over to Bareburger for lunch (where more hand washing and sanitizing ensued). Widely acclaimed for their all-natural, free-range burgers, they're also very popular for gluten-free! I've had to be gluten-free since early June due to my inflammatory polyarthritis and let me tell you, it has NOT been easy. Sara was absolutely brilliant and searched for a variety of gluten-free eateries before my arrival so that there wouldn't be any worry about breaking my diet during my stay. I got a wild boar burger on their tapioca bun and it was delicious! I am wicked excited about the fact that Bareburger will be coming to Boston sometime in the Fall.

Pie Face | Iced "Kick My Arse" Cappuccino | Oren's Daily Roast

It was a bit past midnight at this point, but we were walking around the outskirts of Times Square and stumbled upon this interesting spot. Pie Face is originally an Australian concept that has made its way to New York. Their claim to fame, and also their name, is their mini-pies with faces on them. Quite cute and I imagine probably delicious, but sadly something I couldn't try because of gluten. I did however try one of their coffees. They have four coffee "settings", if you will. Decaf is "still asleep", medium strength is "open my eyes", strong is "start my heart", and super strong (the one I naturally went for) is "kick my arse". Well, it wasn't kidding*. We went to Empanada Mama around 2 in the morning, where the gluten-free empanadas and delicious margarita made me envy New Yorkers for a hot second (I wish Boston was more on its A-game with the 24-hour/gluten-free accommodations/empanada scene). The next day, we started off at Oren's Daily Roast which in my opinion, is still the best iced coffee I've had to date thus far.

*Partially related side story: on Tuesday, I kind of, sort of went through what I'm assuming was caffeine overdose. I woke up that morning as if I had just woken up from the dead - one of those sit-straight-up, gasping-for-air kind of moments. That was before I looked at the time and saw that it was the exact time I was supposed to arrive at work. Heart palpitations, noticeable twitching, and uncontrollable fidgeting made up the next four hours until I finally calmed down. Then I went through what I'm calling the spectrum of misery. I went from wanting to kill everyone in sight, to having a horrible headache, to crashing really hard, to feeling physically sick and back again. I did the math, and between Friday and Monday, I consumed 45 shots of espresso. Yes. That happened. I don't recommend you try this at home.

Brunch at Nook | Mini-Me's at the LEGO Store | Chocolat Michel Cluziel

We met up with Sara's friends, Caitlin and Kenneth, for brunch at Nook. Located in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, this tiny little place was fantastic. Sara, Kenneth, and I all got various scrambled eggs (mine were with cream cheese and smoked salmon) accompanied by salad and sweet potato hash, and Caitlin got the smoked salmon eggs benedict. The iced Belgian chocolate was superb. We went to the LEGO store by the Rockefeller Center afterwards, which has a station where you can build your own LEGO people! We each made our own likeness. Don't ask why I decided to be a Musketeer. Moving on, we stumbled upon another shop with macarons and once again showed great self control by only getting one each. I got a lavender one and it was also wonderful. 

Daily dose of deliciousness | Grand Central Terminal | The Art of the Brick

We passed through Grand Central for the hell of it, which is celebrating its 100th year, then made our way to Discovery Times Square to see The Art of the Brick exhibit before I had to catch my bus back. Open until January 5, if you are in the area or will be in the area before then, please go and see this. The pieces Nathan Sawaya put together are incredible and a must-see for anyone that has ever enjoyed LEGOs in their life. At the end of the exhibit, there's an interactive piece where you are given a LEGO and you write your name on it; once the exhibit closes, Mr. Sawaya will take all of those pieces and will create a special work with them. 

This was definitely an enjoyable little weekend. I look forward to going out and having more of these. Do you enjoy these sorts of posts? Let me know if you happen to go to any of the places I listed and do follow me on Instagram if you aren't already, to keep up with my day-to-day adventures. Thank you for reading and hope to see you again soon! 

mardi 28 mai 2013


Friday marked my 23rd birthday! 22 was horrifically rocky so I welcomed this new year of my life with open arms. Celebrations officially began last Sunday with my Dad as you know and continued throughout the week. 

Birthday waffle at Zinneken's in Harvard Square

Walking across the Mass Ave Bridge | Trinity Church and the John Hancock Tower | Major day drinking at Fajita's & Rita's

Hair done! | Best coworkers ever! | Still the best coworkers ever!

Special birthday burger? | Oh, look at that drunk face.

Hangover-combating breakfast | Boston Calling | Pneumonia-combating Scorpion Bowl

Sort of a whirlwind week but so much fun. This was definitely the best birthday I've had in a few years. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

mardi 21 mai 2013

Seaport Trolley Museum

My Dad's birthday is the 23rd and mine is the 24th. To celebrate, we both got Sunday off and headed up to Kennebunkport, Maine. What's up there, you ask? The Seaport Trolley Museum, the largest electric railway museum in the world - a must-visit for railfans. We got an early start and spent the whole day together, which was so nice as we hadn't been able to do that in such a long time. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know what we were up to, but if not, here's all of the details.

Instead of taking the Amtrak Downeaster like we had our last time in Maine, my Dad rented a car. THIS beauty, knowing that I am obsessed with Mini Coopers. I don't actually know how to drive, but I wanted to keep it soooo bad.

This is the workshop with the trolleys they are currently restoring. All of the restoration work is done by volunteers, which is incredibly admirable but also tremendously sad as that means that the process takes forever.

They've restored two or three trolleys to full, working capabilities. So the tour begins with a 30-minute ride and introduction to the story of the Museum and then we are free to wander the grounds. 

Don't ask me how, but somehow in the moments after my Dad took this picture, I was on the ground on my back. Story of my life, I suppose.

On top of trolleys and subway cars, they also have an impressive collection of auto-buses.

Then they have this. And many others like it, we discovered by trespassing a little. Going back to when I said it was tremendously sad, the really heartbreaking part is that five trolleys are being worked on while two hundred others are rotting away waiting to be taken care of.

They have a few double-decker buses from various cities in the United Kingdom. How on Earth did they get a hold of these? And also, how on Earth did they get them to where they are now? I would actually really like to know. 

Another thing I'm really curious to know how they got a hold of is the outbound half of Northampton Station, formerly of Boston's own Elevated Line.

If you're passing through the region, I would suggest checking it out. My Dad and I had so much fun wandering the grounds and its a great way to spend a little time outdoors. Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you again soon!